Here are a few works for the stage by our favorite author. Some excerpts of these plays can be
found at the Playwrights’ Center. Click other tabs on this site for plays for youth and audio/

2012: The Musical

A full-length musical comedy
Book by Rhiana Yazzie, music by Marisa Carr, lyrics by Rhiana Yazzie & Marisa Carr

2012: THE MUSICAL! is a romp through the end of the world as we know it Inspired by the hoopla of the end of the Mayan calendar, it’s the comedic story of Natives living, working, and loving on Minneapolis’ infamous Franklin Avenue, from AIM inspired warriors to grant writing social service workers, and wannabe rockstars, the play looks at the year 2012 from a truly urban Native perspective. Expect the return of Indian Alien ancestors who come to fix the ills of society complete with the arrival of glam rock ancestors and dancing neon buffalo. 2015 Two Worlds Theatre Company, full production at the North 4th Arts Center, Albuquerque, NM, Directed by Terry Gomez.

2012 New Native Theatre with co-producer Bedlam Theatre at In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, full production, Minneapolis, MN, Directed by Rhiana Yazzie and Maren Ward, Musical
Director Peter Morrow 2012 Bedlam Theatre/New Native Theatre collaboration in the 2012 Ten Minute Play Festival, 10 min production, Minneapolis, MN 2011 Bedlam Theatre/New Native Theatre collaboration in the 2011 Ten Minute Play Festival, 10 min production, Minneapolis, MN 2012 Commissioned by New Native Theatre


A full-length play

Ady is the story of a Navajo woman, Adrienne, who finds a 1937 photograph of a Caribbean dancer that is her mirror image. This opens the door to a moment before WWII when the surrealist movement was blooming. Characters like Pablo Picasso and his lover, Dora Marr, surrealist photographers Man Ray and Lee Miller guide Adrienne through her mother’s suicide back home on the reservation. As it tells the story of a surrealist muse, the play shows how easy
it is to be lost to history, especially if you were a little brown woman.
2010/2011 Play submitted successfully for a Playwrights’ Center Jerome Fellowship
2010 Production by Pangea World Theater
2009 SPF Finalist
2008 Smithsonian Expressive Arts Grant winner
2007 Commissioned by Pangea World Theater

Asdzani Shash, The Woman Who Turned into a Bear

A full-length play
Based on a Navajo legend about a woman who turns into a bear, this play is the story of a young woman surrounded by elders that give her no guidance when an abusive ex-lover resurfaces in her life as she has to decide if she will remain human or become an animal.This play was read at the First Annual Two Worlds Festival of Native American Theatre in 2008
in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was a 2005 Bay Area Playwrights Festival finalist. The play helped win the author a 2006/2007 Playwrights’ Center Jerome Fellowship. 2011 Production by Two Worlds Theatre and Film Company

Las Madres

A one-act play

An unexpected look at the story of Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo of Argentina through the eyes of their grandchildren and links the disappearance of children throughout the hemisphere from Argentina to Canada through government programs that removed indigenous children from their families.
This play was commissioned and first produced by Teatro del Pueblo at their 2009 Political Theatre Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Long Flight

A one-act play

A fantastical tale of the redemption of a Navajo man and his world forgotten by America. An
allegory of the Navajo Long Walk to Fort Sumner. This play was translated into Spanish and presented at the 30th World Congress of the International Theatre Institute – UNESCO in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico; and was a 2002 finalist for the Princess Grace Playwriting Award.